BigBlueButton is a system for teacher for teaching online. It provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, chat, and screen. Users can enter the teaching activities by using a browser, they don’t need to install any other programs. The operation interface is simple and clear, making it easier for users to get started.

Teachers can share screen to students, teachers can write something on e-whiteboard, both teachers and students can discuss by talking or typing. Let’s take a look about these functions!


E-whiteboard can assist teaching. There are several kinds of functions on the toolbar, such as brush, graphics, text, clear and so on.
In the process of synchronous teaching, teachers can use various gadgets in the teaching material, such as adding lines, graphics or words let students know the key points.


Teachers can use this function to share some additional material which is not provided on textbooks. For teachers, it is very convenient. It also can increase the video and audio interaction between teachers and students.

Online discuss

Not only can chat be typing, but also can make a voice conversation through the microphone without using other software.
You can click on the designated student to enlarge the video screen. Teachers or students can speak, ask questions or share content through video.

Online voting

In the process of teaching, teachers can ask students questions and make online instant voting. The voting results will immediately counted and support anonymous responses.
With instant voting, you can quickly know what students think about the issue or confirm their understanding of the course.


We provide full video recording during the teaching process. Teachers can record all the teaching process and discussion content, including operation, voice dialogue and video content.
The video file of the teaching process can be used as a non-synchronized video material on the Moodle platform, which can be used as a make-up class or provide students to review the course content.